Sun Is You

Drama, 16x42 min
Production year: 2018
Director: Nurgisa Almurat

The leading characters are three former orphans, each of them is about 30 years old: Daryn, Yerzhan and Sabit. The guys went through a lot together - from children's oaths on "together forever" to the first love with the same girl Aisha. The guys became older, and each of them chose their own way. However, the news about the arrival of Aisha gathers them together again. But, instead of their past love, they meet her mother and little girl Shynar. Soon it turns out that Aisha died and told her mother to choose a trustee among her three childhood friends. After hearing that, they realize that they are not ready for such serious responsibility and starts to find arguments to justify that none of them is a right person for the role of a parent. But sudden issues in health conditions of the grandmother make them to take care of Shynar. The girl will melt everyone's hearts with her unconditional love and natural kindness. At the end, all three men will try to claim a trustee role for Shynar. Who will become the trustee?

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: Qazaqstan RTC JSC

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