TOYLike (FeastLike)

The point of this reality show is the return of an American guy of Kazakh origin to Kazakhstan. Dami knows nothing about his nation, traditions, mentality, but travels with his friends to different parts of our country to get acquainted with the culture and life of the Kazakh people. Striving to learn more about traditions of the Kazakh people, the guy travels with his friends around Kazakhstan. During his trip, Dami will periodically get into funny and awkward situations and will be in the spotlight due to his poor awareness of local peculiarities. This trip will help our character to get acquainted with the traditions, cuisine and customs of each region separately, thereby each viewer of Channel Seven will re-discover his/her country — modern Kazakhstan.

Others: Reality show

Сopyright holder: “Telecompaniya “ERA”” LLP (Channel Seven)

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