I am a shopaholic

"I am a shopaholic" is the most stylish entertainment program. Shopping addiction is not an unpleasant habit at all, but an opportunity to win a big sum of money. Three participants of the TV program have to spend a certain amount of money on a fashionable outfit for three hours. Leading fashion experts: fashion editors, couturieres, stylists, designers, photographers and models will decide whether the outfit meets all the fashion canons. The participants have to choose their outfit without the help of fashionable stylists. Each outfit is a product of the imagination and taste of the program participants themselves, and not of fashion industry professionals. The task is complicated by the fact that the participants need not only to meet fashion trends, but also to please their rivals, for whom they choose clothes in accordance with the approved theme.

Others: Entertainment program

Сopyright holder: “Telecompaniya “ERA”” LLP (Channel Seven)

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