Rabbit’s 10

Animation, 2017, Russia

This is animated series about international summer camp for baby/little animals, located in the middle part of Russia. The main heroes are little animals who arrived from different countries and continents.

They live in the world where there are no humans. Having arrived from different parts of our wonderful planet, they quickly find common language and become real friends. Each of the characters has passion or hobby. The Hare is a sports type, who practices parkour, the Kangaroo is a gardener, Crocodile and Fox are inventors and mechanics. Each day of their lives is filled with adventures, discoveries, entertainment and fun.

There are representatives from Russia in the camp. The main hero is a hare Zay, who is always called Rabbit by mistake. There is also Alisa the fox, camp director – bear named Mikhalich, goat Kolya and sheep Borya – the latter two are camp leaders and Mikhalich's assistants.

All our protagonists tell each other about their motherland, traditions and other interesting facts about their countries.

Everything in the summer camp resembles ordinary summer holiday camp for children. All the animals live in their little homes, they have an entertainment park, lake with a beach and boat station, studio, greenhouse, stage for performances, stadium and many other things for interesting and versatile recreation.

Each episode in the series is a finished story of one game, one adventure, one victory, one question, one problem or one mistake and its solution.

For kids: Animation

Сopyright holder: «Movie distribution» LLP

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