Broken Wings

Drama, 35x42 min
Production year: 2019-2020
Director: Askar Bisembin, Ulpan Kuraiysova

Fatal accident, tragedy and all life go awry. This happened with the main character, who lost his wife in a terrible accident. Altai does not know what to do next and how to live without a loved one. He forgets about his daughter and finds solace at the bottom of the glass ...
After this incident passed 6 years. Altai pulled himself together and was able to again find the strength in himself to raise his daughter. But the past makes itself felt. All these years, he did not lose hope of finding and punishing the culprit of a car accident in which his wife died. Years later, Altai's daughter Aida meets a guy and falls in love. The trouble is that the guy's father is the culprit of the car accident.

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: Qazaqstan RTC JSC

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