Dimash Show

A cycle of five documentaries, where each of them is a separate finished documentary with its own storyline and original presentation format. Versions in Kazakh, Russian and English are original scripts adapted to their language audience:
«Dimash Show. Becoming»in the format of a reality show; «Dimash Show. Surroundings» a narrow circle of Dimash will reveal details of his life, closed from the general public; «Dimash Show. Inspiration»- asensitive and motivating film about the life of Dimashand the dreams he have achieved; «DimashShow.The World of Dears» - about fans from different parts of the world who worship DimashKudaibergen's work created the Dears movement; «Dimash Show. Prosperity» - about the family, childhood and the formation of Dimash.

Documentary: Special Project

Сopyright holder: Khabar Agency

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