Tik-Tok House

A young producer Cash, after his partners throw him, his wife leaves him,is left with nothing. After a long depression, he decides to go all-in and create a Tiktok house. Having studied the entire Kazakhstan market, he gathers a team of novice ticktockers. Each of the participants is unique in its own way. When they are together and doing what they love, they forget about all their problems. Having created their own HOUSE, gaining popularity, and simultaneously solving their personal problems, ticktockers face a new obstacle, there is a competing HOUSE. They will create fake stories, select fans. But the producers of the teams make a bet for a certain period of time. By the end of the term, who will gain more subscribers remain. The losing team must leave TikTok.

Series: Comedy

Сopyright holder: JSC «TV and Radio Company Almaty»

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