All In Love

season 1 - 20x42 min
season 2 – 20x42 min
season 3 – 20x42 min
Production year:
season 1 – 2016
season 2 – 2017
season 3 – 2018
Directors: Akzhol Abilov, Maksat Ospanov

The drama is about a relationship between young people. After making a bet with friends, Yerkebulan, who grew up in a rich family, decides to make fell the girl named Kozaym in love with him. Kozaym likes a guy named Sultan, with whom she chats via the Internet under the nickname "Coz I am". After a while, she realizes that Sultan and Yerkebulan are brothers. After a dispute with the parents, Yerkebulan decides to live on his own, however he finds himself in a terrible situation: he has been robbed and left in the middle of the suburb, and as a result he loses his memory. Years passes and Kozaym becomes a philanthropist who supports orphanages and its needs. Sultan stops the bankruptcy of the family business and achieves a great success. However, Sultan gets involved in gambling and goes to prison. Which of the brothers will be able to overcome the difficulties and will be together with Kozaym?

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: Qazaqstan RTC JSC

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