An intellectual show, the participants of which are students of Almaty.
The most successful of the 20 teams participating in the season will be revealed in an exciting, spectacular and competitive form.
The purpose of the show is the formation of new knowledge among students and schoolchildren, the ability to work in a team, the development of logical and creative thinking, memory and attention training.
Throughout the season, in case of controversial situations, the host Bauyrzhan Satov is assisted by 2 independent experts – a public figure (a scientist or a representative of the TV channel) and a Kazakh pop star. For emotional relaxation, the program uses musical pauses. Pop stars come to support the intellectual youth. They can also act as independent experts. In the final, the winner of intellectual fights in a solemn form will receive the main prize - 2,000,000 tenge!

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Сopyright holder: JSC «TV and Radio Company Almaty»

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