Kelinzhan 3

The long-awaited premiere on the Khabar TV channel! By popular demand from viewers, soon on our screens - the favorite TV series "Kelinzhan 3". For the authenticity of the characters and the play of the heroes, the series has received such numerous popularity among the audience. The idea of the third part is aimed, first of all, at popularizing family values in society, at fostering respect for elders. Also, the authors of the project showed the usual everyday life of the villagers, thereby drawing the attention of the audience to the equally good living conditions in the Kazakh village. "Kelinzhan 3" begins with changes in the family of Kylyshbek and Aisara. A married couple of Madibek and Balkia starts their own small business - they opened a village store, where the entrepreneurial abilities of Balkia will be fully manifested. And after their move to the city, Askar and Asilym had more frequent family quarrels. This is how the sleepless nights and restless days of Kulimkhan-apa begin. In the third part of the television series, there are also new characters. The creators promise that the new season - and this is 15 episodes with the participation of your favorite characters - will be more interesting than the previous ones.

Series: Comedy

Сopyright holder: Khabar Agency

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