Bearskin Prince

Germany, fairy-tale, 2015

The Bearskin Prince gets turned into a bear by the devil. He has until the equinox to find a woman he loves. Only pretty young Elise realizes he's no terrifying monster....

To vain, handsome Prince Marius, his daily visit to the barber is more important than finding the right bride. But one day out riding, he winds up in a trap set by the devil.

Trapped deep in the woods, the Prince only has one chance to save his soul: He'll only get his freedom back if he manages to find a wife he loves with all his heart by the next equinox. And to make it a sporting challenge, the devil turns Marius into a terrifying bear before he sends him to find his soul mate. Lonely and starving, Marius sneaks on to a farm - and is discovered: But pretty young Elise realizes he's no terrifying monster. However, her mean aunt Hedwig and Hedwig's son Kilian want to have the wild creature's hide. Prince Marius is in grave danger?

A newly-discovered fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which tells a story of love triumphing over vanity, full of magic and fantasy.

Feature film: Fairy-tale

Сopyright holder: «Movie distribution» LLP

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