Uly Dala Zhanuyassy (Family of the Great Steppe)

The TV series tell about a young family completely get stuck in everyday life. Ruslan and Ainura have finally purchased a one-bedroom apartment under the 7-20-25 Programme and start living separately from Ruslan's parents. Unexpectedly for Ruslan, he is fired from his job. For some time he successfully hides this fact, but when it comes time to repay the loan, he is forced to tell his wife about his dismissal. Unlike depressed Ruslan, Ainura takes up the running and finds a job. As current circumstances require, the spouses change their roles. Unemployed Ruslan is now occupied with housework, while Ainura earns money. How to find a job to repay the loan? How to maintain his family? Unfortunately, Ruslan doesn't know answers to these questions. This misfortune comes between the spouses despite their vows of unfailing love. Our series will tell you how they will find a way out of such a difficult situation!

Series: Comedy

Сopyright holder: “Telecompaniya “ERA”” LLP (Channel Seven)

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