Almatylyk darigerler koronaviruspen betpe-bet (Doctors from Almaty face to face with coronavirus)

Doctors from Almaty Abzal Malbaskanov and Murat Amanbaev, volunteer doctors who assembled a team of the same courageous and selfless medical workers, showed how their usual day goes in a hospital redesigned to treat patients with COVID-19, talked about the organization of work during quarantine and what to deal with during treatment.

Employees of the Center for Physiopulmonology in Almaty have been working with patients from the first days of quarantine, they were the ones who received Kazakh students who arrived from Wuhan on March 13, and then tourists from countries that are hot spots of coronavirus. Filming, at the request of the ALMATY TV channel, on the territory of the Center was carried out on a go-pro camera.

Documentary: Documentary

Сopyright holder: JSC «TV and Radio Company Almaty»

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