Drama, 20x42 min
Production year: 2020
Director: Botagoz Kenishbay

Aiganym is a widow who single-handedly raises three daughters after the death of her husband in a car accident. She works in several places in order to survive. One day, the youngest daughter Anar finds the baby on the street, after which their lives change dramatically. The daughters ask Aiganym to leave the child at their home. Aiganym is categorically against this, feeling that she is not able to provide for another child. However, her daughters persuade her and gave a name to the innocent baby Akjol. To officially adopt a child, Aiganym marries the teacher of her daughters Dastan. Bibigul, Dastan's mother, will be against it. Dastan and Aiganym fall in love with each other. Thus, thanks to a small Akzhol, a happy family will raise Shanyrak.

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: Qazaqstan RTC JSC

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