Kyzyl Zhebe

The series is about the biography of Turar Ryskulov and his participation in the creation of the modern Kazakh state. This is not just a reflection of the life of a statesman, but also of the entire Kazakh intelligentsia in the middle of the last century.
The goal of the project is to show a bright, strong, wise person who lived and created during one of the most difficult historical periods of our Motherland. The film is aimed at forming a sense of pride for great compatriots.
Ryskulov made a great contribution to the economic transformation of the republics of Central Asia, the Russian Federation and Mongolia. On his initiative, the Turkestan-Siberian railway was built in Kazakhstan, powerful industrial centers appeared — coal mining and metallurgical complexes of Karaganda, non-ferrous metallurgy of the East and South Kazakhstan, the oil and gas industry of Western Kazakhstan.

Series: Biopic

Сopyright holder: JSC «TV and Radio Company Almaty»

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