Bastyk Bolamyn (I will be a boss)

After successfully graduating from the university with majors in the Governmental and Local Management, a young 24-year-old guy from Almaty dreams of becoming a public officer. By Kazakh tradition, the guy with a honors diploma and a wealth of innovative knowledge goes to his uncle to ask him for an administrative official position in the "Corpus B". The uncle is dazed and confused and just sends his nephew to the Akimat (mayor's office) in the Zholaman Rural District, Kerbulak Rural Area, Almaty Oblast, where Yerlan's adventures will begin and where the citybred guy will have to face the realities of the country life and will find himself in many comical situations.

Series: Comedy

Сopyright holder: “Telecompaniya “ERA”” LLP (Channel Seven)

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