Business from scratch

Running time: 20 minutes;
Language: Kazakh original, Russian original;
Purpose: Information and promotion for the target audience of the "Bastau" program. Attracting new participants of the program.

Analysis of the algorithm of actions for setting up a business and managing it with the help of tools provided by the business trainers of the project. Each presentation will be made in the style of a mini-reality show, where the main character - a participant of the program "Bastau" tells about his business and all its stages, about himself in the program, how everything was planned, developed, what difficulties he overcame, about his dream and how they changed, how the entrepreneur received a state grant, having been trained under the program of NCE "Atameken". In parallel with this story, in the form of synchrons, the business coach will analyze this story and tell about why the hero of the project was given a grant, about the selection criteria, point out the mistakes of entrepreneurs, give answers how to avoid them, etc. The cases provided by the coach will be illustrated graphically for a better understanding of the viewer. This approach will allow you to talk as transparently as possible about the Bastau program itself, as well as get the basic necessary knowledge about business. Staged shooting (visiting the workplace of an entrepreneur, recreating the story) will allow you to illustrate the story of the main characters. And frankness in front of the camera of the speakers will increase the trust of the target audience in the work of the program "Bastau" and in general, the NCE RK "Atameken".

Documentary: Documentary series


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