«Traveler» of 2018.

Relatives who found out that their beloved grandfather died, and could not imagine - «That the old man, in his extreme moments, left them a small fortune as a succession». The grandfather was possessed with all kinds of adventures during his own lifetime. And nowadays, to find an overwhelming wealth, the main characters have to solve a riddle, using the «world map». The main characters will have to find the answer to a lot of different riddles coming from their grandfathers. This is the main requirement for getting the cherished profit. Six direct successors have decided to team up. This is the only way out of current state of affairs, as to solve the grandfather's puzzles is near impossible. Searching for answers, the characters of the story reached the country house, where their grandfather was often staying. The fellows couldn't realize that it was a set-up. It turns out that their beloved «Traveler» was not so innocent during his lifetime. And very soon the frame in the wardrobe will come out.

Feature film: Feature film

Сopyright holder: LLP «Ana Group»

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