Cinderella Story

season 1 – 32x42 min
season 2 – 48x42 min
Production year:
season 1 – 2013
season 2 – 2014
Directors: Dmitryi Korobkin, Rashid Suleimenov

The series tells about the life of a modern Kazakh family, who sheltered a daughter of one of father's old friends, who was in a difficult situation. Appearance of Syrgalym reveals the uneasy secrets of the family, the real nature of each of the characters and makes people to reconsider their life. In the continuation of the series, there will be new characters, intrigues, complex interpersonal relationships and secrets. Syrgalym got married and wants to succeed as a professional. Now the relationship of the characters of the series develops in a businesslike atmosphere.

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: Qazaqstan RTC JSC

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