Twists of fate

Drama, 2019, Uzbekistan

Durdona becomes an orphan at a very young age. She moves to a capital city and finds a job at one enterprise where she attracts the attention of the head of the enterprise, Shokir, an influential person who runs business dishonestly. He shows signs of attention to the young naive girl in every possible way. Durdona gradually gets used to life in a big city and makes new friends. One of them is Kamola, who gets into a difficult situation and Durdona tries to support her.

Another heroine of the series is a young and beautiful woman Nasiba, Shokir's ex-wife. Her mother is seriously ill and bedridden. She does not know who her father is, but she knows that she has a brother and she wants to find him. She understands that the mother is hiding the truth about her brother.

"Twists of Fate" is a dynamic series full of surprises, where the conflict is aggravated with each episode, intriguing the audience.

Series: Drama

Сopyright holder: «Movie distribution» LLP

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