Takiasyz Perishte (Crownless Angel)

Takiasyz Perishte (Crownless Angel) seasons 1,2

This is a spin-off of the popular project "Q-eli" (Q-country), which gained a record number of views on youtube and brought a lot of aphorisms to people. As the main character from the movie called "Angel in a Skullcap" argued, "A man does not have the right to live alone, there must be a mother nearby, or a wife at worst." The female lead of the sitcom believes that if both a mother and a wife are around, then a person is completely lucky. But only a mother thinks the same way. The first season of the sitcom tells about the marriage of son - Tailak. The new daughter-in-law had to live side by side with her authoritarian mother-in-law, spineless father-in-law and her good-natured husband. The second season of the series begins with Tailak leaving for America together with his wife to undergo a six-month advanced training. His parents are happy, after all they will finally live for themselves, at least for six months, because they spent almost their entire life on living for someone. Suddenly, their daughter and her husband visit them. It turns out that they have financial problems and ask the parents to live together. None of them even understands what awaits them, because now the son-in-law has to move to their house.

Series: Comedy

Сopyright holder: “Telecompaniya “ERA”” LLP (Channel Seven)

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