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About AMW

Dear friends!

We are inviting you to participate to Astana Media Week, which will be provided on the 11th-13th of September 2019!

Astana Media Week is annual series of large-scale industry events, the largest media event in Central Asia.

The main goal of Astana Media Week 2019 is the development of the domestic media sphere and promotion of business relations in the industry.

I am sure that this event will give impetus to the development of regional communication, partnerships and international cooperation in the field of media.

We look forward to seeing you at Astana Media Week!

Kind regards,
Dauren Abayev,
Minister of Information and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Day 1


SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

Content Market — is the working title for the 1st of the Astana Media Week 2018. It will build a meeting and networking point that brings broadcasters and private production companies together to meet fact-to-face with Kazakh media officials, share ideas, build partnerships, get insights into both broadcasting and production sides of media industry.

There will also be an opportunity to take part in a series of master-classes and panel discussion groups on the most contemporary issues and challenges of the national and regional media sector.

Day 2

Advertising voice of Asia

12 SEP 2019

The second day of the media week will be dedicated to the largest event of the advertising industry - ADTribune conference. Experts from Advertising Association of Central Asia will present analytical data of the advertising and media market in Kazakhstan in recent years and discuss market’s development prospects.

Round tables will be held as part of the event. It’s a platform for dialogue between government representatives and leaders of the advertising industry in Kazakhstan. In addition to the panel discussions of pressing questions of the market, experienced professionals will teach master-classes for advertisers in order to promote local business.

Day 3

Youtube day

13 SEP 2019

The third day of Astana Media week is devoted to the creation and promotion of content on popular video hosting. Domestic and foreign experts, journalists, media managers, bloggers will speak at panel sessions,

conferences and master classes and share their professional experience. The event will explore the tools for effective development and promotion of channels, work with the audience.

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Kazmedia Centre and Ministry of Information and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a proud host of Astana Media Week 2019.

Kazmedia Centre is Kazakhstan’s leading technology and infrastructural media hub that unites and serves the needs of more than a dozen leading TV and radio broadcasting and production companies, studios, PR and communications agencies. Its overarching mission is to support the effectiveness of global communication.


Khabar Agency (Kazakhstan)
"Kazakhstan" RTRC (Kazakhstan)
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Global Agency (Turkey)
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CLS - Comprehensive Licensing Solutions (Russia)

Online cinema "Megogo"
BasDala Group (Kazakhstan)
Satti Media Partner's (Kazakhstan)
Toudai Talap Production (Kazakhstan)
Q Film Coopers (Kazakhstan)
B. A. S. Pro. KZ (Kazakhstan)
Telemasters.kz (Kazakhstan)

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