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«Positive content is especially in demand» – Dinara Kusain, Master of human development.

On September 27, at the annual «Astana Media Week», an expert on child safety and family development, Master of family and human development Dinara Kusain expressed her opinion online on the topic «Special aspects of critical social issues»

«I strongly believe that it is an outdated approach to rely on negative content in pursuit of ratings. On the contrary, in our time, aggravated by the pandemic, positive content is especially in demand. After all, look how popular the so-called happiness merchants are, how humorous and entertaining content is in demand today. And if we are talking about social content in the media, then people really need good stories about other people. Stories with empathy, reliance and support» Dinara said.

To find out what conclusion the round table speakers came to, we recommend watching the full video at

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