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Yulia Gatitulina on how the series helps in the strife against domestic violence.

On September 27, at the annual «Astana Media Week», the program director of the Ukraine TV channel Yulia Gatitulina expressed her opinion online on the topic «Special aspects of critical social issues»

«Not a single broadcaster, big and even small players, can’t afford itself not to speak on social issues. Analyzing the plot of a rating series or the structure of a resonant programs, regardless of genre and tone, we will always come across social pains and conflicts. Moreover, the sharper and closer to the audience the shown social pain, the greater the rating potential of the TV product. It is precisely because of the mismatch of social pain that foreign content often loses to the national one, unless, of course, speaking about major blockbusters, where modern technology plays a huge role.

We launched the series «The Brave». It is completely dedicated to the topic of domestic violence, based on real cases. It is no secret that with all the sad statistics, this topic is negatively perceived in our society. Various stereotypes are still very strong in our country. Most of the victims are not ready to ask for help, they do not know how to do it. There are state and public institutions that deal with this problem, there are opinion leaders who are ready to pay attention to it, but often victims simply do not know that they can ask for help, do not believe in it, do not understand how to behave in such situations. And so, through a television product, we tried to give people useful information or a model of behavior that allows them to get out of the role of a victim. On this series, the channel «Ukraine» collaborated with the public organization «La Strada-Ukraine». In each episode, we gave the real phone of an antidomestic violence hotline. It is very important for us that we received the audience's response to the series not only in the form of rating numbers, but in a significant increase in the number of people who asked for help. Most of them learned about such an opportunity from our project» said a representative from Ukraine.

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