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Dmitry Bogomolov: «A documentary is a high-concept».

On September 27, at the annual «Astana Media Week», documentary filmmaker Dmitry Bogomolov expressed his opinion at a round table on the topic «Documentary films: experience and future»

According to the Kazakh director, «We all live in an era when our stress and informational pressure has increased and all we do is – we go to the Internet and watch Netflix series. And this is the way of our lives, that our state TV channels want or do not want, we will have to learn and follow. Of course, this entails an increase in the financial burden on production. TV channels will have to fork out. But the important factor here is that documentary films gain a market, they become salable. It is important to respect the formats. Let's make it not dull. A talking head, a little voiceover, some kind of chronicle – this is not a documentary. A documentary is a high-concept, an idea that is relevant and in tune with the pains of society that need to be solved, in which there are a lot of moments that can highlight the main problem»

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