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Sayasat Nurbek: the entertainment industry has caught itself in a big trap.

On September 27, at the annual «Astana Media Week», public figure and CEO of «BTS Education» Sayasat Nurbek expressed his opinion at a round table on the topic «Special aspects of critical social issues»

«The entertainment industry has caught itself in a big trap. If you have noticed, it becomes much more difficult to surprise a large audience. The best screenwriters, a huge number of specialists in the field of special effects, psychology. And now they raise the threshold of impressions, sensations, the entertainment industry is getting itself into a trap. Unfortunately, the media also got involved in this race.

In 1919, the USSR People's Commissariat issued the decree «LIKBEZ» - the elimination of illiteracy. The task was to learn to read and write. Now, in the information age, the task is to learn to understand this information, to teach the basics of critical thinking, media literacy» said the public figure.

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