Ministry of Information and Social Development
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
OCTOBER 26-28th 2022
For the first time during "AMW" Formats Day was held - an event in which the world's leading distributors held presentations of their best products. Within the framework of Astana Media Week-2021, the pitching of scenarios of social videos "BIZ birgemiz!" took place. The event was organized by JSC "Khabar" Agency". The discussion of the scripts of future series took place during a pitching organized by JSC "Republican Television and Radio Corporation "Kazakhstan". Here, representatives of domestic production studios presented ideas and proposals for new TV series for 2022.
During two days of "Astana Media Week-2021" broadcasts were watched by more than 10 thousand people. Users from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, USA, Turkey, Belarus, Ireland, UAE, France, Spain, Georgia, Czech Republic, Estonia joined the views. The audience of 25-34 took the majority - 49%. 70 speakers from Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, the USA, Great Britain, and Russia took part in the media week online and offline. 12 authors presented their master classes.
Astana Media Week-2021 lasted two days. The events were held equally, both online and offline. The event was attended by top managers of reputable world media, representatives of the state apparatus, well-known journalists, documentaries and bloggers from the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

Internet users could connect to round tables, conferences, panel discussions and master classes, which were broadcast on the official website of the media week
Zoom conference platforms format using VizRT three-dimensional graphics technology with real time visualization was used for the first time during the content streaming within the framework of the event. The created studio capabilities made it possible to integrate virtual LED screens where speakers were projected online. The moderator had an interactive communication experience while being in the studio. This event format allowed us to expand the geography and find universal reach.
Video conference with 60 speakers from the USA, Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Australia and other countries was held online. Uninterrupted "teleconferences", content simultaneous translation into Russian and Kazakh were conducted for three days.
Ten hours of HD videos posted on the website, and streams on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, all this allowed to be the first one to make a real digital event using television technologies. This proves that media is changing and multiplatformity is a key role for modern transmedia projects.
About 1,500 participants from 16 countries of the world registered on the website. Three days of streaming had more than AMW 10,000 views. Statistics showed that the audience from 18 to 34 years old was the most extensive age category - 63% of users
The fourth media week of Astana Media Week was held online from November 11 to November 13, 2020 on the official platform
The largest media event in Central Asia - ASTANA MEDIA WEEK was held in "Kazmedia Ortagy" from September 11 to 13, 2019!

The main goal of Astana Media Week is to develop the domestic media field and promote business relations in the industry at the regional level. More than 50 production companies were represented; 60 local and foreign top managers of the media industry took participation.
The final day of the media-week was devoted to the trends of media content: interactive streaming, video content evolution, its adaptation, monetization. How new models of media consumption change the product content, monitoring and analysis of digital media, "Kazakh language Youtube" were discussed.

Participant countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Uzbekistan, China, India.
Event program covered:
private screening and other.
presentation of the new TV season of "Qazaqstan "RTRC" JSC and "Khabar Agency" JSC
Regional Media Forum
the first advertising conference in Kazakhstan - "ADTribune - Advertising Voice of Asia" within the framework of AMW
MEDIA TALKS informal conference "Maximum repost" from the Media Support Fund
"TREND ZONE: it's high time" communication platform from the Media Support Fund (workshops and media lecture rooms with the participation of journalists, PR consultants, diplomats, scientists, publishers and teachers).
open workshops and master classes for production companies from producers and program directors.
seminars for representatives of press-services and quasi-public sector
content market with participation of production studios and TV distributors (over 20 companies)
panel discussions (the development and production of episode production, related issues on tax preferences, film distribution conditions, subject-matter of the content, creativity level of the film product and its attractiveness for sponsors were discussed on the first day).
Kazakhstan Astana Media Week is a series of large-scale industry events, the largest media event on the territory of Central Asia. It is held on an annual basis
The main goal of Astana Media Week 2018 is to develop the local media environment and promote business relations in the industry at the regional level. More than two thousand guests came to participate in AMW in 2018.
Astana Digital Forum was held on the third day of the media week, it was devoted to the speeches of speakers of international level on a wide range of issues: finding niches in the digital economy, internet advertising, and other relevant issues. In the afternoon, Salem Social Media, together with internet marketers and internet experts, discussed projects and mechanisms for their promotion.
The first day of "Astana Media Week" was dedicated to building an effective dialogue platform between customers of media content, large television and radio companies, as well as representatives of the private production market: production studios, creative teams, production centers, copyright projects in the field of information, media entertainment, music and cinema.
Within the framework of the second day of Astana Media Week 2018, the Forum of Regional Mass Media of Kazakhstan was held.
The most urgent issues of the national media print market development, difficulties and opportunities during the transition to new convergent forms were discussed at the event
On October 4-6, 2017, the first Astana Media Week in the history of the country was held in order to fulfill the main priorities of Kazakhstan's spiritual modernization, initiated by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev.
The main goal of Astana Media Week 2017 is to develop the national media field and promote business relations in the industry at the regional level.
October 6 - Forum of regional mass media of Kazakhstan
October 4 - Content market

October 5 - «Astana Digital Forum»
I Kazakhstan Media Week Astana is a series of large-scale industry events, the largest media event in Central Asia, held in the country's television broadcasting center "Kazmedia Ortalygy".
is a big event for customers with media content producers. Demo presentations, panel discussions with the participation of famous media-persons, a series of master classes from popular speakers were held in the content market.
was devoted to presentations of international level specialists on a wide range of issues, from digital marketing tools to the crypto-currency market review.
The event was devoted to discussion of the most urgent issues of the national mass media print market development.
In addition to Kazakhstani participants, foreign delegations from Central Asian countries, Russia, Ukraine and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Kazakhstan took part in the Media Week.